Hey! My name is Marcos Salazar.

Co-founder of Cabal Labs and a passionate computer engineer based in the New York.

At Stevens Institute of Technology, I've balanced academic and entrepreneurial efforts. I was part of the founding team from SecureMeeting, a non-profit videoconferencing platform used in over 110 countries, leading to a mentorship role in the university's accelerator program. In the Web3 space, I contributed to ImpactMarket's microcredit platform, enhancing my software engineering and blockchain skills.

My Projects!

A showcase of my journey and accomplishments.

  • Cabal Chat

    Simplifying Web3 Interactions with a Chatbot Interface


    At Cabal Labs, we recognize the challenges that newcomers face when diving into the world of Web3. The steep learning curve associated with mastering multiple blockchain tools simultaneously can be daunting for first-time users. To address this, we've developed Cabal Chat — a user-friendly platform that transforms the complex landscape of Web3 into an accessible, chatbot-driven experience. This approach allows users to execute sophisticated Web3 actions and gather insights about blockchain technologies through simple and intuitive prompts. Our focus on modularity in our technological framework ensures future adaptability and expansion. This foresight allows us to seamlessly integrate new tools as the Web3 domain evolves. Moreover, Cabal Chat will feature a plugin system, empowering developers to innovate within our ecosystem. This functionality not only lowers the barrier of entry for early-stage companies seeking to capture the attention of new users but also acquaints these users with the latest and most relevant Web3 technologies in a straightforward, uncluttered manner.

  • ZKFund

    Platform that seeks to democratize donations by leveraging Web3 Technologies.


    ZK.fund, a Proof-Of-Concept, is a donation platform that gives users peace of mind when donating and ensures that donors do not face any negative consequences in the future. zk.fund is different from other donation platforms as it allows you to donate with cryptocurrencies while also ensuring your anonymity through the entire process by utilizing Web3 technologies. The platform also features a validation network which allows for user-requested charities and organizations to be added to the platform, in a way that ensures all charities are legitimate and are not being used for illegal purposes (e.g. money laundering, funding terrorist organizations, etc.).

  • ETHWaldo

    Marketplace for creators seeking sponsorships deals.


    ETHWaldo is a platform that connects creators with sponsors within the Ethereum ecosystem, streamlining sponsorship deals through Ethereum wallet addresses. It allows sponsors to define specific performance metrics for payment release, offering detailed control over investments. The platform features a secure vault for holding funds until agreement terms are met, protecting both creators and sponsors. Additionally, ETHWaldo offers a content review system, with options for personal or peer review, to ensure content meets sponsorship terms. Payment processes are automated via smart contracts, and the platform emphasizes open communication and transparency. ETHWaldo aims to blend creativity, collaboration, and cryptocurrency to benefit all stakeholders.

  • Cabal Sorel

    Cabal Sorel aims to revolutionize web3 social platforms with a cutting-edge feed algorithms.


    Cabal Sorel is a simple Chrome extension aiming to make web3 social media sites better by offering smarter suggestions. We've noticed an issue with web3 socials - it's pretty tough to jump from one platform to another, and the lack of shared info means good recommendation systems are missing. Our goal is to help web2 socials shake hands with web3. With our extension, you can keep track of what you do across many different platforms and get suggestions based on that. We have a smart suggestion system that learns from your interactions to make this happen.

  • Tap Contacts

    Making web3 transactions familiar using NFC tap-to-transfer and contact lists.


    Tap Contacts is a project designed to streamline the use of cryptocurrencies, NFT trading, and wallet signing for new and existing web3 users. Recognizing the challenges new users face in navigating the complexities of web3 wallets, the project introduces a more intuitive approach by integrating familiar technologies: NFC tap-to-pay and contact lists into the web3 experience. The initiative features the development of a React Native mobile application, which simplifies the onboarding process for new users through Web3Auth, and allows existing users to add their wallets via WalletConnect. This app enables users to conduct transactions directly from one phone to another using NFC technology, claim airdrops through NFC tags, and easily save contacts of acquaintances by phone tapping or sending a link, leveraging deep linking for a seamless experience for both parties involved.

  • Cabal Protocol

    The Cabal Protocol is a DAO that subsidizes hackers' trips to destination hackathons.


    Cabal Labs is an organization of individuals who thrive in the tech industry and LOVE to hack! Our goal with the Cabal Protocol is to give any hacker the chance to hack at a destination hackathon in a Cabal Hacker House. We provides housing and subsidies towards trip expenses. The Cabal Protocol creates a secure treasury, governance, and member subsidizing system by using SAFE, Unlock, and Smart Contracts.

  • Cabal Auth

    A standard for decentralized user authentication using smart-contracts and off-chain storage.


    Cabal Auth is a system designed to empower users by giving them control over their data while streamlining the user authentication process for developers. This tool enables users to encrypt and store their data off-chain and selectively grant access to various services. The security model ensures that only the authorized service/contract and the user can decrypt the information, with the user retaining the power to revoke data access at any time. The inclusion of a software development kit (SDK) facilitates a seamless |sign up with cabal| experience, allowing users to share necessary information with sites while retaining the option to withdraw it later. This approach also benefits developers by reducing their liability; they do not need to develop their own authentication systems. Additionally, Cabal provides a web client dashboard where users can upload and manage important personal information, oversee which services have access to specific data pieces, and revoke access to their data as needed. Essentially, Cabal Auth aims to enhance onboarding experiences, decrease friction in user-service interactions, and ensure user data privacy and control.

  • Smart Minter

    No-code NFT minter platform that makes it easy for everyone to launch their own collection in just three simple steps.


    SmartMinter is a user-friendly, no-code platform designed to simplify the process of minting and managing NFT collections. It enables users to launch their own NFT collections effortlessly in just three steps, making it accessible to individuals without any coding expertise. The platform is developed using NextJs for the frontend and an Express server on the backend, ensuring a smooth and seamless user experience. Additionally, it incorporates a Solidity compiler, which guarantees secure and efficient NFT minting.

  • Kanan

    Frames as a service.


    Kanan is a platform that leverages frames for the creator economy. It allows creators to mint frames as NFTs and sell them on the platform. The platform also allows creators to create frames for their social media posts and stories. Kanan is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses IPFS for storing the frames. The platform also has a marketplace where creators can buy and sell frames. Kanan aims to empower creators by providing them with a new way to monetize their content.


Shoot me an email if you want to connect! You can also find me on LinkedIn or Twitter if that's more like you.